Awesome~ Absolutely Awesome !!
Roy Murdock, Puyallup WA(non-registered)
Very impressive work all the way around! My wife is a big fan and now so am I! Thanks for sharing your incredible work with the world around you.
Adrienne Elder(non-registered)
Since the aurora pictures, I have become a fan of your professional work. Thank you Eddie.
Miguel Bello(non-registered)
All I Can Say Is WOW!!! Amazing Pictures Eddie!!
George Bell(non-registered)
Some spectacular photos. Great job catching the light. Thanks for sharing your time interval info at Seafare.
Ginger Foster(non-registered)
Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. Keep up the good work.
Marta Hood(non-registered)
Stunning photography. Love the "Burton's" photo and the Anacortes city scape with sunset.
Tim Hale(non-registered)
Nice work, Eddie.
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